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Over the past 18 months Jennifer has had the AMAZING experience of witnessing a BRAND NEW modality flow through her and come to life more and more with each class offered. It is an Energy Transmission & Vibrational Attunement that have not been available on the planet until now. It has been an honor and a blessing to witness this information come through and it is clear that this new content is Ancient Wisdom that has been lost from Conscious Awareness…. UNTIL NOW!

The foundational class of this new work is available as a 1-day class or a 3-day intensive. (Classes are available in-person or live streamed for people all over the world). If you are ready to go to the next level of LIMITLESS LIVING you don’t want to miss this extraordinary class!

YURU ExplainedFD

YURU is an Amazing NEW Modality that is clearing insanity, unwinding shock and trauma out of the body and energy field, and resetting the nervous system from habituated automatic stress responses in extraordinary ways. Read some Amazing Feedback from previous class participants and clients by CLICKING HERE

Book your place now and secure 2014 prices now.

Class prices increase at the end of March ($250 for 1-day class / $750 for Intensive Class)

Sat Jan 3 & Sun Jan 4 
YURU Weekend Intensive (9am-6pm)
$650 EARLY BIRD PRICE $575 (saving $75)
$650 on the Door

Sat Jan 30 & Sun Feb 1 
YURU Weekend Intensive (9am-6pm)
$650 EARLY BIRD PRICE $575 (saving $75)
$650 on the Door

NOTE: 1 Day Class is available for $200 ($250 from April onwards)
1 Day Class Schedule: January 3 (9am-3pm) or January 30 (9am-3pm)
Pre-pay for Easter 1-Day Class and secure 2014 price of $200 (rather than $250)

Fri April 3 – Sun Nov 5
3-Day YURU Intensive Class (9:30am-3:30pm each day)
$750 EARLY BIRD PRICE $675 (saving $75)

Early bird price expires March 16

(**SECURE 2014 Class Prices** Pre-Pay for the Easter Class on or before Jan 30 and pay the 2014 early bird price of $575!!) (saving $175)

Mon April 6
1-Day Specialty Class (Subtle Energetic A.R.T.S. Class) (10am-4pm)


YURU Early Bird Special Offers
Which Class Will You Attend?

YURU Class Brochure Jan-Feb


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