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MSc Performance Psychology, CFMW

Jennifer Larkin

Jennifer ‘Elemental’ Larkin
After Choosing Consciousness

Jennifer (a.k.a. “Elemental”) has an MSc in Performance Psychology from Edinburgh University and is a CFMW.  Her unique specialisation is Performance Optimisation and has been facilitating business owners, creative professionals and sports men and women to achieve their greatest ambitions for over two decades. She has worked for Elite High Performance Sports Organisations designing and delivering High-Performance Programs for professionals who work in the Motor Sports Industry and also had the privilege of conducting Psychological Research with the Red Arrows (The RAF’s Elite Aerobatic Display Team of Fast Jet Pilots) looking at Mental Toughness and the factors required to ‘Perform on Demand’ and create Winning Results regardless of the circumstances. She also travels the world engaging in Consciousness Raising Initiatives – facilitating people into a willingness to BE FREE of Limitation so they can THRIVE, FLOW, FLOURISH, PROSPER and SHINE (Which has been her toughest assignment yet, unconsciousness is RIFE, it’s a Jungle out here on the Road to Consciousness)! 

Jennifer is an experienced International Facilitator, Coach, Trainer and Change Agent, She has been travelling the world getting up to mischief and teaching tools for transformation, performance optimisation and healing for over 20 years.

She was born in Ottawa, Canada and spent her formative years in St. Albert, Alberta yet she now considers herself a Woman of the World as she and has lived and worked in Europe for 17 years (U.K. various locations, Paris, Bordeaux) and until recently worked for an Elite High Performance Sports organisation designing and delivering training programs for professionals who work in the Motor Sports Industry. Jennifer’s unique specialisation is Performance Optimisation and for over two decades she has been facilitating business owners, creative professionals and sports men and women to achieve their greatest ambitions. Her clients regularly report that her “gentleness, humor, depth and keen eye for detail contribute to the massive results achieved in short periods of time.” Her willingness to “Go where others fear to tread” and unique approach also contributes to her success.

Jennifer is also an experienced hands-on healer (trained in many healing modalities) and maximises clients’ results by offering a unique form of bodywork merging Performance Optimisation success secrets with the removal of physical barriers trapped in the body preventing freedom, expression and FLOW. She holds multiple qualifications in coaching, NLP, holistic health, hands on healing, training & development, and a wide range of other modalities to help people break free from their perceived limitations.

Jennifer’s additional experience working in the performing arts as a singer and actress (and closet stand-up comedian) make co-creating with Jennifer a pure delight and surprisingly refreshing!!!

Jennifer would like to invite you to play, laugh and explore during the events she holds and invites you to dive into self-exploration by booking a private session with her (which can be conducted over the phone or face to face). She works by harnessing the high vibrations of consciousness which provide the support required for clients and workshop participants to choose something different in their lives and allow for total possibility and choice.

Her greatest ambition is to “Be the Change”, and lead the charge towards total consciousness so every being on the planet is inspired to step into themselves fully and completely to create something magnificent, marvelous and FUN,FUN,FUN!!!

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Jennifer 'Monkey Mind' Larkin Before Choosing Consciousness

Jennifer ‘Monkey Mind’ Larkin
Before Choosing Consciousness

Jennifer ‘Monkey Mind’ Larkin
(The Untold Story)

Jennifer always thought she was a loser. She tried and tried to change what wasn’t working in her life to break the walls of limitation (which she knew were just lies). Yet no matter how many modalities in transformation she trained in she always felt stuck. She longed to create something amazing in her life and knew she was capable yet no matter what she achieved she always felt dissatisfied. Despite leading a seemingly highly functional life (and indeed “successful” life), she always felt broken – like she was living her life through a dense fog. She never stopped asking questions though as if she was following an invisible path with a strong compass guiding her to the freedom she knew was possible.

Biography of a F*%K Up

(The Uncut Version)

Jennifer’s story is a long epic legacy of trauma and drama. During the ‘MonkeyMind’ years she spent years battling depression, terrible body image issues, and played with eating disorders. She suffered with debilitating chronic illnesses such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia through her 20′s and 30′s and had a list of food intolerances as long as the bible. She was plagued with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which involved hoarding and an insanity-making need for both order and chaos. She also did her best to manage being an undiagnosed Highly-Functional Autistic who also suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and mild Manic Depression throughout her life. When she was 14 she was sexually assaulted by two school mates and kept this secret hidden from everyone due to a deeply ingrained sense that she was strong enough to handle it alone (coupled with a debilitatingly low-self esteem). During this period she became a kleptomaniac as a dysfunctional means to cope – this condition continued into her thirties without treatment despite pleas to healthcare practitioners for help. The deeply misunderstood nature of this condition created another dark secret she felt imprisoned by.

Monkey Mind Hiding From the World (Despite Longing to SHINE!)

Monkey Mind Hiding From the World
(Despite Longing to SHINE!)

During her pre-teens, teens and early 20′s she was plagued by debilitating body image issues brought on by a deep belief that she was not lean enough or hair-free enough to ever be loved. She dabbled with eating disorders like bulimia and got one treatment after another to change the body she hated. In fact, at one point – at her lowest ebb – she really thought it would be better to get her legs amputated rather than live with them (cute, NOT bright)!!!


Despite suffering with a tremendously low self-esteem throughout her youth Monkey Mind was tremendously “successful”. She was the goalie for the Alberta Provincial Soccer Team and travelled all around the Province of Alberta competing in a Junior Elite Soccer League. Around the same time her brother worked like a fiend on the ice and years later got talent spotted for an Elite Junior Hockey Team. He moved to Swift Current to play for the Broncos during the “Graham & Sheldon Kennedy Years” and went on to win the Memorial Cup in his final year with the team. The abuse Sheldon suffered would not be revealed until years later much to everyones horror. Little did Monkey Mind realise how influential this experience would be in her branching into elite high-performance coaching and advocating to stop abuse in sports, the arts and in corporations.  

During the time Monkey Mind started playing elite junior sports (and supporting her brother as a spectator), she started reading every personal and professional book on “fostering a championship mindset” as she knew this was required training for what she wanted in life. After numerous injuries (off the soccer field) she ventured into the performing arts as an outlet for her creative spirit, where she thrived. From this early age she was an actress and singer and spent all of her spare time at the theatre rehearsing for one production after another and spent every summer at the Edmonton Fringe (and later, Fringe Festivals all over the world). In her early twenties she toured across Canada, the United States and Europe in song and dance shows before moving to England to follow her heart take a three-year Musical Theatre Programme to pursue her dream of a performing career.

Young  Ambitious, Monkey Mind Never Gave Up Despite Depression and Poor Health Issues

Young & Ambitious, MM Never Gave Up. She Moved to Europe to Pursue a Performing Career Despite Depression & Poor Health Issues

A month after she graduated from her UK theatre programme she got an offer to audition for the lead role in a new West End Musical (but the offer came during the week of her wedding). After a desperate internal tug-o-war she chose to cancel the audition and be present for “the most important day of her life”. She got married in a castle in Scotland surrounded by friends and family and then found herself living as a military wife on countless British Air Force Bases – she moved house every 18 months for 11 years straight and discovered a whole new capacity for being flexible and living a nomad’s life. She made the decision to put her dreams on hold in the quest to pursue a whole new set of amazing life experiences (which included putting her foot in her mouth A LOT at military functions – since conforming to institutionalised structures and ‘diplomacy’ was never a strong suit)! To cope with the constant state of transition she became a self-employed ‘Jack of all Trades’ and trained in ‘Everything Under the Sun’ in a soul searchers quest to find the answers to life’s mysteries and apply all she knew to create the phenomenal life she knew she was capable of.



Monkey Mind Spent Years Studying and 'Looking for the Answers" to Transform Her Life.

Monkey Mind Spent Years Studying and ‘Looking for the Answers” to Transform Her Life.

During her endless education in Performance Psychology, Corporate Coaching, Energy Psychology, Training and Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy (and too many metaphysical modalities to count) she longed to find the techniques to unlock the Champions Spirit she could sense residing within her (that felt perpetually out of her reach regardless of how many modalities she trained in or tools she tried).

As a professional working in the Personal and Professional Development Industry she consistently felt like a fraud, failing to live up to her ambitious expectations and be the poster child for her work (evidenced by her own transformation, success and prosperity).

Monkey Mind’s commitment to heal and transform meant she used herself as a guinea pig for every modality she ever learned and this led to the insanity-making aspect of being a seeker in a world where everyone proclaims ‘they have the answer’. The more she trained the more she noticed voices of opposition in her head screaming out devils advocate positions against the “truth” everyone was trying to sell her.

Sometimes it all became too much from the Disappointment from 'Failed Attempts to Transform

It was too much managing the ‘desperation’ to transform against the ‘confusion’, ‘overwhelm’ and ‘disappointment’ from ‘failed attempts’ to create tangible results & lasting change!

She became quite overwhelmed and confused and after countless experiences of being disempowered by gurus, teachers, and experts she began to follow her own awareness in unexplainable ways.

She started to really trust her own unique internal guidance that she knew what was true for her regardless of what others would say to her, no matter how weird or wacky that internal knowing sounded (and believe me, sometimes it was BEYOND WEIRD!!)

Monkey Mind’s life suddenly became like the scene in Indiana Jones –  where he is confronted by a canyon crevice with no bridge that he is desperate to cross – sometimes taking a step into the unknown is required for magical bridges and astonishing opportunities to appear.

Amazingly, the more Monkey Mind was willing to trust her knowing (even when evidence suggested otherwise), the faster she free fell into oblivion (without a parachute) and the more intrinsically she followed her internal compass, the more life became all about living in the question and BEING in the Adventure of Expansive Possibilities!

A few years later Monkey Mind’s 15 year relationship broke down, she found herself working in a toxic organisation governed by manipulative abusive individuals who operated from a cut-throat approach to people management. She became homeless and maintained the appearance that ‘everything was F.I.N.E.’(F*&cked Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional) in order to cope under the unbearable stress. 18 months later she found herself embroiled in a unlawful dismissal case against the organisation that had been her dysfunctional lifeline. At a time when things should have spiralled out of control – she choose to free fall even more enthusiastically into the possibilities before her and created MAGIC beyond her wildest dreams.

Awakening the Magic in You by Acknowledging BEING the Creator of Your Life

Until recently Jennifer was very much at the effect of the dysfunctional energies in the world. Although she spent most of her life (before Choosing Consciousness) feeling like she was not achieving anything interesting, she was actually creating magical results all along that largely went unacknowledged – she was just too vested in creating the evidence to support her belief that she was a hapless loser.

Monkey Mind was Sick & Tired with Life (Before Choosing Consciousness)

Monkey Mind was Sick & Tired with Life
(Before Choosing Consciousness)

She created the life-altering experience of healing herself of all debilitating conditions to lead a life of vibrant health. Considering that in 2005 she was told by a ‘Psychiatrist’ and reputable ‘Health Care Practitioner, “Jennifer, maybe you just need to come to terms with the fact that you will never be well!” she considers this fact to be a marvellous victory and puts two fingers up to anyone who tries to tell her “NO” and “CAN’T”.

Her determination to transform her health, rid herself of dis-ease and create an energetic FLOW in her body involved countless detox programmes, fasts, food exclusion diets, mineral and herbal formulas (all with varying degrees of gag-reflex inducing nausia). Like her commitment to her personal development studies, she also trained in and explored countless healing modalities, hands-on

Monkey Mind Taking Her Health in her own Hands and Creating Dis-Ease Free Living

Monkey Mind Taking Her Health in her own Hands and Creating Dis-Ease Free Living (After Choosing Consciousness)

body processes, transformational tools, and healing philosophies in a quest to learn all she could about letting go of physical ailments, energy blockages and limitation in the body. This journey was also filled with experts proposing their cutting-edge cure-all ‘solution’. Although many of the tools, techniques and equipment she used helped enormously to remove symptoms and support her body through the total transformation, the real dynamic, life altering changes occured when she really started to Choose Consciousness and activate her healing capacities!

When she awakened to a different possibility and started functioning from a heightened state of BEING (Expansive High-Vibration Energetic State), she realised this state she had experienced so often in meditation could be available to by choice. This Awakened her ability to Live in the Question and Activate Conscious Choice in profound ways and EVERYTHING TRANSFORMED beyond measure!

In her life she has tap danced with a corporate psychopath and completely changed the organisation involved due to her willingness to demand different possibilities in the face of adversity, transform a seemingly hopeless situation when she was surrounded by people who believed they were impotent (or too infused with cowardice to act).

She has had countless experiences with toxic, manipulative and abusive personal and professional relationships and has developed a tried and tested system to overcome abuse, train people how to deal with manipulative people, coach people to thrive in the face of adversity and create a life from total choice and possibility regardless of the circumstances.

She has been a whistleblower and uncovered large scale fraud by a UK charity and found a way to ensure accountability and transparency was upheld against all the odds. She facilitates people to move through adversity whilst maintaining their integrity to create beneficial outcomes for all concerned (even when win-win situations are hard to acknowledge).

She has also had the humbling experience of going bankrupt, starting again with nothing, and rising up to reclaim the power and potency available when a willingness to step into more conscious choice is maintained above all else.

Monkey Mind knew instantly Access Consciousness offered the tools she had been searching for!

Monkey Mind knew instantly Access Consciousness® offered the tools she had been searching for!

Jennifer attended her fist Access Consciousness® class in London, England in April 2012 and became a Certified Facilitator of the Access® tools by August and started travelling far and wide offering Access Consciousness® core classes and specialty classes. When she was introduced to the Access® tools it validated so many of her experiences up to that point and encapsulated all the wisdom she had been intrinsically living from without conscious awareness. She quickly became infinitely aware of the magic she had always been creating in every area of her life (and began to appreciate all of her creations – even the outcomes that in the past had seemed like real failures). Jennifer had an epiphany when she heard the Founder of Access Consciousness® say, “You should never give up your awareness for anything”. This comment made her realise that she had been loyally following her awareness for years (and creating seemingly disastrous consequences – that she had judged herself heavily for, like: leaving the ‘security’ of jobs that were no longer serving her or walking away from situations that were asking her to compromise her knowing for the sake of upholding secrets and lies). This realisation – that she had remained true to herself in the midst of controversy, heart-ache and conflict – was a real testament to her deep commitment to Choosing Consciousness above all else, regardless of the circumstances…and that became something to CELEBRATE!!!

These days, Monkey Mind feels like the 'Champion' she always knew resided inside her!!

These days, Monkey Mind feels like the ‘Champion’ she always knew resided inside her!!

Jennifer has a range of specialty bespoke programmes which facilitate people to create lives from the core principles of Creating Abundance. The modules of this programme are: Thrive, Flourish, Flow, Prosper & Shine. Many tele-class and webinar series have also been designed offering an in-depth transformational experience for people around the world.

Is NOW the time to choose something different – What will you choose I wonder?

Jennifer has worked in MANY industries, such as: PR and Marketing, Motor Sports, the Meat Industry, Coaching, Training & Development, Change Management Consultancy, Event Management, Hospitality & Catering, Charity & Social Enterprise and the Entertainment Industry which has given her a deep respect for all aspects of what it means to be a professional. In her Adventures in Self-Employment she has offered a WIDE RANGE of services, such as: Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Healer, Performance Psychologist, Drama Teacher, Vocal Coach, Performance Optimisation Specialist, Image Consultant, Clutter Clearance Specialist, Anger & Aggression Counsellor, Copy Writer, Editor, Actress, Singer, Voice-Over Artist, Writer and Creative & Artistic Director. Who say’s you can’t have it all, right?!

Contact Jennifer to learn more about the life altering facilitation programmes and workshops available.  You can change anything that is not working in your life with tools that work and people around you to champion you forward into total choice and possibility.

If any of this has resonated with you click on the Events, Products or Services tab to learn how you can Choose Consciousness by attending a class, booking in for a private consultation or buying a product to awaken your inner knowing to begin to transform your life or join me on Twitter, Face Book or Linked in to Create a Connection.

The Choose Consciousness  Team Ready to Transform the World!

The Choose Consciousness Team Ready to Transform the World!

All of Life Comes to You With Ease, Joy & Glory®

All of Life Comes to Me With Ease, Joy & Glory®


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